At Tripak Superlubricants, we manufacture Anti-Friction Metal Treatment products that maximize performance and increase the life of your vehicle, fleet, equipment, and tools. Tripak products are proven to reduce friction, conserve energy, increase fuel economy, and keep you on the road longer.

Tripak Diesel Conditioner Automotive


Save a few trips to the gas station while reducing emissions when you use our Diesel or Gas Conditioners.
Front Loader on worksite Tripak Industrial


Grease and lubricants to keep your heavy equipment running smoothly
Tripak Fleet Diesel Conditioner and Grease


Tripak products clean and condition the oil and fuel systems to reduce maintenance and boost fuel economy to keep your fleet on the road.
Tripak Lubricants and LDL for Tools


Keep your tools clean and running smoothly. Our LDL 1 spray has the added bonus of insulating against electric shock.
Harvesting of wheat field with combine Tripak Agricultural


Tripak products keep your tractors and equipment lubricated and running clean through the long hours of planting and harvest.
Tripak Gas Conditioner for Race Cars


Our products protect against the extreme conditions of racing so you can outperform your competitors and push your limits.
Tripak Fuel Conditioner for ATV UTV


Gas Conditioner will keep your engine clean and water-free, so you can get outside and explore the great outdoors!
Tripak Gas Conditioner for Boats and Marine


Stay on the water longer with our fuel-saving, friction-reducing products.