About Tripak

Tripak Superlubricants

Tripak Inc. was incorporated in 1976 to develop, produce, and market new and more effective petroleum products for the automotive market. The company’s success was a natural outgrowth of the results obtained by satisfied users of the products the company developed. Over the years the product line has expanded to include a variety of automotive, industrial, and domestic applications. Every product has been perfected to Tripak’s own high standards and has been subjected to extensive and ongoing testing by the company and by independent testing agencies and laboratories as well as “actual use” tests reported by customers. Wherever they are used, Tripak products earn a reputation for superior performance that meets or exceeds the expectations of the user.

Where We Are Now

Tripak was purchased in 2016 by a family-owned company in Grande Prairie, AB, where the product is now manufactured. Our company has been using Tripak products for years in the trucking industry. We know the high costs of maintenance and fuel, and we strive to create and distribute products that save valuable time and money, whatever industry you’re in.

Satee Marketing

Tripak products are distributed by Satee Marketing of Canada Inc.
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