Gas Conditioner


Gas Conditioner is a special chemical formulation with a base of aromatic hydrocarbon compounds. It's compatible with both leaded and unleaded gasoline. Gas Conditioner's effective cleaning properties and moisture controlling capabilities help improve gasoline engine operating efficiency.

  • Cleans & Lubricates Fuel System

  • Emulsifies Water Completely

  • Boosts Octane

  • Improves Combustion

Where can it be used?

Gas powered automobiles, trucks, tractor, boats (inboard or outboard), generators, compressors, lawn mowers, snow blowers, snowmobiles, and in gasoline engine-powered hand tools such as chain saw, edgers, weed and hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers.

How do I use it?

Add 30 ml of Gas Conditioner for every 45 L (or 1 oz for every 10 Gallons) to your fuel tank.


Gas Conditioner SDS