Megalube-S Grease


Megalube is a polymer lithium complex multipurpose grease. It provides extra special lubrication over a wide temperature range and contains Anti-Friction Metal Treatment to enhance its other anti-wear qualities.

  • Inhibits Rust

  • Clings to metal surfaces

  • Resists water washout

  • Extreme pressure lubrication

Where can it be used?

Megalube is recommended for all types of bearings and sliding applications. It performs well in CV joints, U-joints, and wheel bearings. It works well under shock loading, rough chassis usage and high load and high temperature conditions. It is especially recommended for trucks and passenger cars, commercial industrial machinery, and for heavy equipment. It resists water and is, therefore, ideal for boat trailer application.

How do I use it?

Use in the same manner as any other conventional grease.


Megalube-S Grease SDS