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March 07, 2022

We're back with another episode of Talkin' Tripak! This episode, we're discussing our aerosol sprays, LDL 1 and LDL 2. Here we talk about the differences between the two sprays and what they can be used for. 

These are some of our best selling and most versatile products. From household to industrial use, these sprays get the job done.

LDL 1 is an effective all-purpose penetrant and dielectric lubricant. It treats metal surfaces to create a long-lasting barrier against electrical leakage and corrosion in damp conditions. As we like to say, LDL helps "break it loose!"

LDL 2 is an oil-soluble, heat-stable industrial lubricant. It penetrates rust and other forms of corrosion, cleaning the surface, and sealing the metal with an extreme pressure barrier. LDL 2 help to "keep it loose."


A big question we always get is how these two sprays perform compared to other sprays on the market. We've also produced two videos comparing each spray to their competitors. Check these out for more detailed information on their performance.



Huge thanks again to White Lightning Media for producing our Talkin' Tripak series!