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Diesel Conditioner 1 Gal

Product Description

The 5 in 1 Diesel Conditioner is a complete fuel system and injector treatment that restores your engine to like-new operating conditions. Its effective cleaning properties blast carbon deposits and ensure consistent fuel injection.


Cleans Engine and Injectors. 5 in 1 Diesel Conditioner has a powerful blend of cleaners that break down and remove carbon build-up to ensure complete and consistent combustion. Continued use will reduce build-up and increase overall efficiency.

Lubricates Injectors. 5 in 1 Diesel Conditioner’s special lubricating component replaces and exceeds the benefits lost in ultra-low sulfur diesel.

Improves MPG. 5 in 1 Diesel Conditioner contains a combination of additives that work together to boost cetane and ensure a consistent fuel injection. The results are improved MPG and reduced emissions.

Inhibits Rust. 5 in 1 Diesel Conditioner has powerful rust inhibitors that protect metal surfaces inside the engine. It also separates water from the fuel, preventing further wear and other damage.

Prevents Fuel from Gelling. 5 in 1 Diesel Conditioner has effective cold-weather properties that prevent diesel from gelling in cold temperatures.


Add 1 oz. for every 10 gallons directly into your fuel tank. Use every fill-up for the best results. Effective in ultra-low sulfur diesel.

Technical Data Sheet